Protecting high value assets is at the core of everything we do. With this in mind, our products are manufactured using state of the art materials with stringent internal quality controls. Designed for durability and ease our products are widely used across all branches of the military for many different types of aircraft. Customer satisfaction is our goal so all of our covers, plugs and sun shields have a 100% guarantee.


AH-64 Cabin Cover KENAH64-301-01A EA
AH-64 Cabin Cover, Padded KENAH64-P301 EA
AH-64 Countermeasures Weapon System Cover KENAH64CMWS-01A EA
AH-64 Hellfire Missile Launcher Cover KENAH64-701A EA
AH-64 Long Bow/D Model Cabin Cover KENAH64-301-01B EA
AH-64 Main Rotor Blade Cover KENBAH64-201-01A EA
AH-64 Main Rotor Head Cover KENAH64-501-01A EA
AH-64 Rocket Pod Cover (19 Shot) KENAH64-801A EA
AH-64 Stabilator Maintenace Pad KENAH64STABPAD EA
AH-64 TADS/PNVS Turret Cover KENAH64-601-01A EA
AH-64 Tail Rotor Blade Cover KENBAH64-401-01A EA

Sun Shields

AH-64 Sun Shields KENAH64-01A SET