Design & Production

Kennon employs design engineers who work on the design and development of protective covers for over 30 US Military aircraft platforms. The aircraft range from UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters, C-130 Cargo Carriers and F-22 Fighter Jets. Kennon’s products are designed, developed and manufactured all in one location in Sheridan, WY. This team of engineers works with customers daily to protect these and many other high value assets.



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Kennon’s team of Design Engineers will work with you to understand your needs and requirements. They will gather critical design information about your needs to make sure that the end product meets the fit, form and function that you are looking for.

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Dig In

Once the design team has gathered all relevant information they will get to work to develop a preliminary design. This may involve on-site meetings to gather more detailed inputs, or a better understanding of how the finished product will be used. During this phase, drawings or models will be created for preliminary design reviews with the final step being creation of a prototype


Put it to the Test

Once the prototype has passed the preliminary design review, our design team is going to put the product through more functional tests which may include external testing, fit tests or more rigorous internal testing. This critical design review will determine if the prototype is ready to move on to the production phase.


Bring it to Life

This is the final and most exciting phase of our design process, the prototype is production ready. Depending on the product, a first article may be manufactured to ensure all design elements are correct prior to high volume manufacturing. Once the first order is manufactured, we begin our continuous improvement efforts on design, materials and processes.