Kennon manufactures both engine plugs and external engine covers for the Warthog.  Along with these offerings, we also manufacture a large variety of sun shields, and other cover and plug options.


A-10 Engine Exhaust Cover KENA10EXCAP SET
A-10 Gun Cover KENA10GUNCVR EA
A-10 Engine Intake Cover KENA10INTAKE SET
A-10 Pitot Tube Cover KENA10PITOT EA
A-10 Ejection Seat Maintenance Cover KENA10SEAT EA
A-10 Wing & Tail Covers KENA10WTC SET


A-10 APU & Environmental Cooling System Plugs KENA10APUECSSET SET
A-10 APU Intake & Exhaust Plug KENA10APUPLGSET SET
A-10 Engine Exhaust Plug KENA10EXPLG SET
A-10 Gun Cooling Port Plug KENA10GUNPLG EA
A-10 Engine Intake Plug KENA10INPLG SET

Sun Shields

A-10 / OA-10 Sun Shields KENA10-01A SET


15-foot long webbing strap to secure engine intake and exhaust plugs together. Fits A-10 and others. Two required per engine. KENSTRAP15 EA